By Appointment Essential Oil Learning and Shopping Experience

Oils 2 Boot ~ The Oily Boutique has changed things up for 2019!  We have made the decision to relocate and downsize while remaining on the square.  Our Oils 2 Boot dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Team Headquarters and The Oily Boutique are moving to an office space upstairs that is just 2 doors down from our current location.  The street level door for our new space is next to Roxie’s Relics. This will be a ‘by appointment’ retail and event location due to the leasing requirements of this office space.  We will continue to carry essential oils, jewelry, and accessories for our ‘oily’ lifestyles. The ‘by appointment’ approach will be for retail and wholesale sales as well as special request educational workshops for several at a time or individual classes.  This new approach will offer a unique one on one shopping experience as well.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that an online store is coming this Spring for all the fun essential oil jewelry and handcrafted items that we offer.

Our previous boutique location officially closed on February 2, 2019.  Our ‘by appointment’ boutique is available via voice or text at 512.677.9292.  Please contact us to set up an appointment. We will be participate in vendor shows and festivals both locally and statewide.

Our workshops will be held periodically in our new office space as well as in our team leaders’ and team members’ homes, remotely through Video/Face Time/Zoom and in special event locations, etc.  

The website will continue to provide upcoming workshop information as well as the online store mentioned above when it goes live.  Please watch for more information regarding upcoming events and locations.

Please contact us with questions and workshop requests.  We can be reached at 512.677.9292 (text or voice) and at

We have the amazing opportunity to share health and wellness through our dōTERRA essential oils and products.  I truly feel that even though we have had a retail store front, we have limited our reach to those that we can love, serve, and share with.  We are excited about having the opportunity to travel more and teach educational workshops in many other areas as well as have more time to provide workshops in our local area.

We have been blessed with many sweet friends and new dōTERRA team members during the time that the boutique was open.   The friendships are priceless and we are very thankful for the impact that our ‘open doors’ offered as well as the love we received.

We are excited about this new chapter for our boutique and the growth of our team.  We look forward to what the future brings. See you soon!!

On a mission to love, serve, and share~~

Danna Laine Doremus and the Oils 2 Boot Team Leader/Business Builders

Please follow us on our Facebook Page:  Oils 2 Boot The Oily Boutique  

We are working on our online store site.  We will share once we are updated and ready to go!

Please see the upcoming workshops and events on the Wellness Workshops page.  We would love for you to attend.  Our workshops are casual and fun!!  Come join us for a great time!