Our Mission


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to love and serve others by sharing the amazing benefits of essential oils while offering essential oil education through fun interactive workshops as well as jewelry and accessories for an Oily Life.


Click below for a list of the Fun and Interactive Workshops that we have coming up!

Come See Us

Come See Us

Come See Us!

Oils 2 Boot - The Oily Boutique - 113 East Jackson Street - Burnet, TX 78611 - 512.756.3100 - theoilyboutique@oils2boot.com

We had a surgery with complications/surgery recovery for my husband that took me away from the boutique for a few days.  However, we are back!!!  Please see the hours listed below for this week, 04/25/17 through 04/29/17.  Come see us when you can!

Sunday - Closed

Monday - Closed

04/25/17 Tuesday - Open Normal Hours:  10am - 5pm

04/26/17 Wednesday - Open: 10am - 11:30am, Closed 11:30am - 1:30pm, Open 1:30pm - 5pm (we will be closed for a special Lunch & Learn Engagement today from 11:30am - 1:30pm)

04/27/17 Thursday - Open Normal Hours:  10am - 5pm

04/28/17 Friday - Open Normal Hours:  10am - 5pm

04/29/17 Saturday - Open Normal Hours:  10am - 2pm

Wellness Workshops are on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings from 6pm - 8pm.  Please check the Wellness Workshops page for exact date/times of our upcoming workshops and topics to be offered.  

Please make sure to reserve your space either by calling or texting the store at 512.756.3100 or by emailing us at theoilyboutique@oils2boot.com.

Click below to see the Upcoming Workshops!